Patience Brewster KRINKLE Reindeer Dancer Figure

Patience Brewster KRINKLE Reindeer Dancer Figure

Patience Brewster’s Dancer Reindeer is available as an 11 inch figure, a 7″ standing ornament or a 3” mini ornament. Available at

OK, they all speak to me – all 8 reindeer, but this girl steals the show!  I love how Patience Brewster included female reindeer in her interpretation of the famous eight and I think Dancer, Vixen and Donna are absolute deer divas!  Little Cupid is a girl reindeer, but she’s so sweet and refined that she just doesn’t rank on the diva meter like the three I just mentioned.

Oh well, back to Miss Dancer… Decked out in her ballet slippers and tutu, she’s the first in the order to add pink to the Krinkle Dash Away Reindeer color pallet! Gotta thank her for that!  Note the headdress full of candles! Wow…!

Buy the KRINKLE Dancer Figure now.

Buy the KRINKLE Dancer Ornament now.


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