Vixen Reindeer by Patience Brewster – The cool & collected one

Patience Brewster’s Vixen Reindeer is available as an 11 inch figure, a 7″ standing ornament or a 3” mini ornament. Available at

I looked up the definition of Vixen and according to the Webster it means “a bad-tempered scolding woman “!  No way!  Maybe Clement C. Moore saw her that way in the Night Before Christmas poem, but Patience Brewster’s Vixen is the coolest, calmest, most mild tempered reindeer of the bunch!

She’s the one who sooths the nerves on Christmas Eve with encouraging words and a confidence that inspires all to do their best when they’re up there!

The little touches of caribou around the tops of her boots is a step out for her, she’d really feel more comfortable without the embellishment, but after all she needs to keep up with the other diva reindeer (Dancer and Donna)!

Buy Vixen Reindeer Figure Now

Buy Vixen Reindeer Ornament Now


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