Patience Brewster Moonbeam Mini Reindeer

Patience Brewster Moonbeam mini reindeer ornaments are absolutely exquisite! While they are significantly pricier than their Dash Away counterparts (Dash Away mini reindeer go for $23 each and the Moonbeam minis are priced at $32 each.) you have to appreciate the incredible craftsmanship and lavish accents of both gold and silver leaf.

Patience Brewster Comet Reindeer Mini

Washed in the light of the silver moon this Patience Brewster Comet reindeer mini is the quick one of the bunch

The Moonbeam Collection introduces a whole new color palette for Patience Brewster reindeer. Midnight blue Comet is now done in a silver leaf coat and matching boots. The rose colored Donna reindeer is now rendered in buttery yellow with gold leaf accents. Even Dancer reindeer, traditionally (if you can use that word with any Patience Brewster design) dressed in a pink tutu, now finds herself in an array of soft turquoise, silver, gold in Snow White. In my humble shopkeeper opinion this Moonbeam Collection is the most magical and wonderful collection Patience Brewster has ever created.

Take a look at the whole herd!


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