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Patience Brewster Moonbeam Mini Reindeer

Patience Brewster Moonbeam mini reindeer ornaments are absolutely exquisite! While they are significantly pricier than their Dash Away counterparts (Dash Away mini reindeer go for $23 each and the Moonbeam minis are priced at $32 each.) you have to appreciate the incredible craftsmanship and lavish accents of both gold and silver leaf.

Patience Brewster Comet Reindeer Mini

Washed in the light of the silver moon this Patience Brewster Comet reindeer mini is the quick one of the bunch

The Moonbeam Collection introduces a whole new color palette for Patience Brewster reindeer. Midnight blue Comet is now done in a silver leaf coat and matching boots. The rose colored Donna reindeer is now rendered in buttery yellow with gold leaf accents. Even Dancer reindeer, traditionally (if you can use that word with any Patience Brewster design) dressed in a pink tutu, now finds herself in an array of soft turquoise, silver, gold in Snow White. In my humble shopkeeper opinion this Moonbeam Collection is the most magical and wonderful collection Patience Brewster has ever created.

Take a look at the whole herd!


Patience Brewster Minis are back!

I haven’t posted a blog about Patience Brewster Krinkles in a very long time…
Well there’s a reason. Last year (2015) we, like every other retailer in the country, were not alloweDancerd to sell Patience Brewster products. In an effort to maintain the integrity of their brand and control over their creative product, Patience Brewster decided to sell their beautiful products on their company website only.

In 2016 PB decided to offer their line of mini ornaments to a select group of independent retailers only.  Moonstruck Gifts was among those retailers and we were proud to offer you the entire line of mini Dash Away Reindeer ornaments as well as the new for 2016 line of Moonbeam Mini Reindeer. You will also find the entire line of 12 days of Christmas minis, as well as a select group of our favorite mini ornaments. Check them out!

Think outside the “reindeer pen”!



Think outside the “reindeer pen”!  There are lots of beautiful Patience Brewster ornaments to be had –

Pandora and Benjamin Bunny,

Angela the Goose, Buffy Cat,

Tin Artichoke Ornament, Tin Labs,

Heavenly Angel on High Ornament,

Brewster Douglas Deer,

Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy and lots more!


Why is there no Rudolf in Patience Brewster’s reindeer collection?

Why is there no Rudolf by Patience Brewster?

It’s that time of year again, a little snow on the ground and people in the shop ask me – why didn’t Patience Brewster create a Rudolf for her collection of Dash Away Reindeer?

The answer is in the title of her collection itself – Dash Away!

Patience did not base her collection of designs on the song entitled “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” made famous by the singer Gene Autry in 1949. The actual lyrics to that song first appeared in a Montgomery Ward holiday coloring book for children in 1939.

Patience actually based her collection on the classic poem by Clement C. Moore published in 1822,entitled “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.”  The poem pre-dates the song by about 127 years.  If you remember – one of last lines in the poem is – “Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”

Also, Rudolf is trademarked property!  The story is owned by The Rudolph Company, L.P.and has been adapted in numerous forms including a popular song, a television special and sequels, and a feature film and sequel. Character Arts, LLC manages the licensing for the Rudolph Company, L.P. In many countries, Rudolph has become a figure of Christmas folklore.

To see the Patience Brewster Reindeer Collection go to

About Patience Brewster’s Cupid Reindeer – the Lovedog!

Patience Brewster’s Cupid Reindeer is available as an 11 inch figure, a 7″ standing ornament or a 3” mini ornament. Available at

I call Patience Brewster’s Cupid Reindeer the “Lovedog” of the herd!  She is the little sweetie-pie of the crew, very understated in her pink bodysuit, trimmed in little red bells.

Her antlers are all adorned with little heart and although she is quite soft spoken, don’t forget that she carries a big arrow laced with love & kisses!

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Vixen Reindeer by Patience Brewster – The cool & collected one

Patience Brewster’s Vixen Reindeer is available as an 11 inch figure, a 7″ standing ornament or a 3” mini ornament. Available at

I looked up the definition of Vixen and according to the Webster it means “a bad-tempered scolding woman “!  No way!  Maybe Clement C. Moore saw her that way in the Night Before Christmas poem, but Patience Brewster’s Vixen is the coolest, calmest, most mild tempered reindeer of the bunch!

She’s the one who sooths the nerves on Christmas Eve with encouraging words and a confidence that inspires all to do their best when they’re up there!

The little touches of caribou around the tops of her boots is a step out for her, she’d really feel more comfortable without the embellishment, but after all she needs to keep up with the other diva reindeer (Dancer and Donna)!

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Blitzen Reindeer by Patience Brewster – The Dude

Patience Brewster's Blitzen Reindeer

Patience Brewster’s Blitzen Reindeer is available as an 11 inch figure, a 7″ standing ornament or a 3” mini ornament. Available at

Blitzen is like… Dude! What’s up?

He is totally out there as reindeer go. With his big white furry coat, his warm fur lined hiking boots and red wire-rimmed glasses he reminds me of that nerdy guy who always arrives at the party just a little over the top prepared for whatever.

Of course, the nerdy guy turns out to be the one with the heart of gold… who ends up winning your heart!

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